Supergirl: 2×03 – Welcome to Earth

Supergirl ascends to the best episode of the series thus far in its stellar second season. This week, on the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter guests on Supergirl as President. It’s surreal and honestly, wonderful. #girlpower

This is the first episode where we see Kara (Melissa Benoist) fly solo, no Superman and no Cat Grant. There are some really lovely special effects here, with my favorite of course, being Supergirl’s nod to Wonder Woman.


Kara’s debut as a reporter could easily be a poor mirror of her cousin Clark Kent but they Kara’s deep passions about the Alien Amnesty Act and how it bleeds into her reporting is on par with Kara’s empathy and how it shapes her character. Snapper makes a good point with Kara’s report being biased on her own opinions and not facts. It is a good lesson for even myself to learn as I develop as a writer.

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)  has his own arc of self discovery as the new CEO of CatCo. Snapper is less than cooperative but James stands up for himself. Retcon of the relationship aside, I’m enjoying James being the head of Catco. The only reshuffle from the CW move that doesn’t really make sense is Winn going to the DEO. It’s clunky and too transparent in making him the Winn/Felicity of the show.

The cast expands with the addition of Maggie Sawyer, a clear love interest for Alex Danvers. Supergirl makes very transparent correlations to the current political climate and it’s all the more braver and better for it. It’s a powerful episode, the image of strong women and the importance of acceptance and inclusion. Everyone relates their own experiences of being an outsider: J’onn, Maggie and our Kryptonian pod dude, Mon-El.

The other addition is Miss Martian. I’m not very familiar with the lore of Miss Martian but I’m very excited to learn more and how she will add to J’onn’s arc this season.

Supergirl has set up seeds of character development for each of their main cast and I hope it continues on this upward trend. There was a teaser that a major character this year in the Flarrow-verse would discover their sexuality and this episode is cueing it up to be Alex. To the young girls who watch this show, this will be a really great thing for them to see. This episode felt a bit of a Captain America: Civil War /  Captain America redux but it’s easy to forgive because it’s such a series high point otherwise. I’m also excited about the reveal that Lynda Carter is secretly an alien. Season 2 of Supergirl is paying off to be an insanely good gamble.



Stray Observations

“How did anyone else vote for that other guy?”

“It’s hope J’onn. How can it be false?’

How awesome that aliens have their own version of Dollywood as their open haven


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