The Flash: 3×06 – Shade

Too many filler plots cloud the re-emergence of Wally West as Kid Flash.

Air Date: 15th November 2016

CAIT | Cait (Danielle Panabaker) finally confides in Cisco about her powers. I really like that she told Cisco about it first. It plays to the established brother-sister camaraderie that the two have. He vibes them fighting each other as Vibe and Killer Frost. It looks pretty awesome ngl. He eventually makes her reveal her powers to the team.


OH CISCO WHERE ART THOU | Flashpoint has removed all of the characteristic sass and fun we’ve come to expect from Cisco (Carlos Valdes). His new persona doesn’t have the charisma it did in previous seasons. His hair still looks fine af though, he can still get it.

#BARRIAN | Barry (Grant Gustin) asks out Julian for their second date. Turns out Julian (Tom Felton) has a girlfriend. Barry is CRUSHED. Whomp-whomp.

TOM C. HAS TO GET PAID | Another pointless subplot involving H.R. and a transmogrification toy. This gadget allows the Flash Fam to only see him but appear to the world as someone else. It is genuinely some of the worst plot ever written for television. This soul sucking character further wastes air time with another sub-plot of him hitting on Joe’s girlfriend.Still pointless, boring and a waste of time. But I guess everyone needs pee breaks.

#WESTALLEN | After being rejected by his tru luv Julian, Barry has a touching moment with Iris. She confides that she doesn’t have powers and Barry doesn’t need her to help people, to which he replies:

More of this please @FlashWriters!

COME THRU WALLY! | Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) starts to get flashbacks of his Flashpoint-era life as Kid Flash. He is eventually locked in the pipeline to protect him from Dr. Alchemy but it eventually proves futile. Wally is plagued with seizures from Dr. Alchemy, one of which results in Iris nawt standing for any of his shit with this sucker punch.

It all comes to a head at a standoff against Dr. Alchemy where after seeing Barry and Joe in trouble against a force moving so fast only Barry can see it, Wally accepts his Kid Flash powers… and turns into an icicle? (My stream cut off at this point, so this will be updated soon)

VILLAINS | This week juggled three villains – Shade (who looked more promising in the first scene than the wuss he turned out to be) was defeated with some Monsters Inc. shit by simply turning on nightlights. Okay then. Then, there was the aforementioned Dr. Alchemy, who didn’t do much except bestow Wally with his powers and in the final seconds of the new episode, my new bae Savitar, the God of Speed shows up. Now this looks like a villain. He can be my Zaddy any day.

Stray Observations:

  • That damn drumstick is annoying. #killhr
  • Every supporting cast member had a storyline this episode except for Iris.
  • Really enjoying @armenfx’s special effects for Savitar
  • I want Taylor Swift to play at this wedding


Next: Cait joins the long list of metas who have kicked Barry’s ass all across Central City because he is a selfish turd.

Directed by returning fan fave Kevin Smith, the episode description of 3×07 – “Killer Frost” reads:

Caitlin uses her powers to save Barry but as her mother predicted, the effort unleashes her inner Killer Frost. Killer Frost goes on a rampage looking for Dr. Alchemy, kidnapping Julian and battling both The Flash and Vibe. Meanwhile, Joe and H.R. have a heart to heart talk.


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