The Flash: 3×07 – Killer Frost

Killer Frost and Kid Flash emerge. HR remains useless. Dr. Alchemy’s true identity is revealed.

CAIT | Caitlin finally cracks and goes off the rails with her powers when she saves loser Barry from Savitar. Cait’s powers make her the most formidable and compelling meta this season, which has been filled with loser filler villains. I especially like how easily she bests Barry in combat. He really is an idiot now.  Cait seeks out Dr. Alchemy to remove her powers. She battles Vibe and The Flash and it’s pretty exciting to watch a fight between the three friends and the complicated relationships they have. She can’t actually go through with killing her friends (though she really should have rid us all of loser Barry when we now have the superior Wally West).

CISCO | Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Cait’s friendship development this season is one of the emotional high beats of the season. The grief over Dante and its fallout with his relationship with Barry is being slow burned which makes it realistic (I mean how do you forgive someone and find it in your heart to help them, when they killed your blood family as a consequence for their own selfish gains) but the show really suffers without Valdes’ great comedic timing.

TOM C. GOTTA GET PAID | In order to make lame duck HR Wells appear substantial, the writers turn Cisco into an idiot to prop HR. In what world would Cisco not figure out to track Killer Frost the same way he did to Captain Cold? I could write about how annoying this character is for pages. As always #KILLHR

BARRY IS A LOSER | First, Barry hilariously gets beaten up by bae Savitar. Then, he pushes Caitlin into Killer Frost trying to save him. Thirdly, he is responsible for the less fun Cisco we have to endure this season and fourthly and most amazingly, Wally is faster than Barry despite being hours new to his powers. ROFL. Please kill off Barry and give us Kid Flash forever.

PANDERING | How much pandering did the writers pay to the insane #snowbarry shippers with that misleading frosty kiss? Did Julie Plec  (The Vampire Diaries) or Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl) give them tips?

DEJA VU FLASH WRITERS | There better be some twist to this because the repetitive “friend turned foe” trope of The Flash is TIRED. The third time is not the charm, the third time is lazy writing. Turning bae Julian Arnold (Tom Felton) into Dr. Alchemy is just… uninspired. They did this the best in the first season with Eo-Wells and flopped majorly with Joom (Jay/Zoom)

In exchange for protecting Cait’s identity as Killer Frost, Julian blackmails Barry into quitting his job at the CCPD as a CSI. Barry agrees and is actually selfless for the first time this season. So, now in addition to all the reasons above why Barry is a loser, he is now also unemployed and still crashing on the couch of a guy who’s brother he killed. Cheers!


Stray Observations:

  • I am enjoying the Killer Frost storyline and how they improved the portrayal of Killer Frost from the atrocity of last season’s campiness.
  • Savitar has great plans for Killer Frost. The pay off for this should be interesting. Armen’s FX are really impressive for simple network television.
  • Now that Wally is a speedster, are Jesse Quick and Harry Wells coming back? Tom C. might as well get his paycheck for a slightly more bearable character.

Highlight of the episode | Cait dressing down Barry for his selfishness.She’s not lying when she says he did this to her. And name checking Ronnie, Dante and all the countless selfish things Barry has done at the expense of other people.




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