Pop Culture Plug: @gilmoreguysshow

Gilmore Guys is a podcast about, well, Gilmore Girls. Hosted by longtime fan @KevinTPorter and newcomer Demi (@electrolemon), the first episodes of the podcast are admittedly rough but hits its stride in the season two episodes. Aside from gabbing about each episode, there are also mailbag episodes where readers send in their questions that lead to some hilarious discussions; as well as Gilmore Gabs where they interview the cast and crew of the show. In fact, their first high profile Gab was with Scott Patterson where he first revealed the revival was in the negotiation stages. Other major Gabs included Milo Ventimiglia, Kelly Bishop, Keiko Agena, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn. Lauren Graham is also carded for a future Gab.

The podcast eventually evolved into live shows that usually involved a musical bit to begin the show. This is 100000% my favourite part of the show. Below is a compilation of live shows and musical bits. Other segments included “Pop Goes The Culture”, “F-f-f-fashion”, “Is this homophobic?”, the extremely hilarious “TWOP”, “Say Yes to the Jess”, “What are the final four words?” and Twitter Q&A.

This segment was actually inspired by the show, in the later seasons, each episode ended with asking each guest what they were enjoying in pop culture because Gilmore Girls was so rooted in pop culture itself. The earlier episodes of the podcast (pre-revival) are actually pretty hilarious to listen to now because of Kevin’s diehard prayers for a Season 8. They became so intertwined with the fandom of the series that they were given a cameo spot in the Dragonfly Inn for the revival series A Year in the Life.

The show had several MVP guests: most notably Patrick Walsh, Anthony Troli, Jamie Woodham, Alice Wetterland, Jason Manzoukas, Sarah Heyward and queen godmother Aisha Muharrar. The Aisha episodes are some of the best because she always brings a unique perspective to each episode.

The early episodes are a bit rough, so I’d recommend starting at Season 2 and then listen to Season 1 after you’ve fallen in love with this charming duo. Currently all of the Gilmore Girls episodes are over and they’re doing Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s follow-up series Bunheads as an epilogue. Genuinely love these dudes, they are hilarious and to be honest, by the end of the series I liked Gilmore Guys the podcast, more than Gilmore Girls the series.

Gilmore Guys can be found on iTunes and on Soundcloud and on Twitter @gilmoreguyshow.

Videos of all of the live episodes can be found on iTunes or on their Youtube/Vimeo


(Skip to 13:45 for one of the best: a Gilmore Rap set to Golddigger – “Rory’s dating a Huntzberger”)


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