Harry Styles – Sign of the Times

Over a year from the “hiatus” of One Direction, Harry Styles is the last member of the band to release solo material. Styles’ almost six minute long ballad laments the loss of a relationship that seems to be repetitive in its toxicity (as most ballads tend to do):

“We don’t talk enough / We should open up / Before it’s all too much / Will we ever learn? / We’ve been here before / It’s just what we know”

The ballad sounds like it could be on a One Direction album but also has a classic rock feel and it’s intentional as Styles has cited David Bowie as an influence for his yet untitled forthcoming debut album. The song has an easy breezy feel and will definitely make you wanna have it on replay.

(*Irrelevant Fact: Noted ex girlfriend Taylor Swift wrote the 7 minute song ballad “Dear John” on her album “Speak Now” about her toxic relationship with John Mayer. And her current album “1989” was full of songs with clear as day references to her relationship with Harry (Out of the Woods, Style), could this be Harry speaking to why he left Taylor Swift on a boat in the middle of their epic break up?

This picture will never not be funny)

Per BBC.com: “Harry’s co-conspirator on this track is Jeff Bhasker. You might not have heard of him but, since connecting with Kanye West on 2008’s moody 808s and Heartbreaks album, he’s become one of the industry’s most in-demand writers and producers.
He co-wrote Uptown Funk with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and his other credits include Jay-Z’s Run This Town, Fun’s We Are Young and Lana Del Rey’s National Anthem – itself a clear influence on Sign Of The Times.”

It’s also the stock track for your typical coming of age movie when the main characters realize something at the school dance. I like it but I do think it will need a radio version because no one got time for six minutes of ballads on the radio. I think this will do great with covers. I’m excited to hear a female voice belting out that last minute of the song. Demi Lovato or Adele would be great. Harry Styles will perform this for the first time on an upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live”. If I’m not mistaken, it’ll be this week.

Click to listen to this week’s pop culture plug below:


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