Shadowhunters: 1×01 – The Mortal Cup

Art student Clary Fray’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that she is a Shadowhunter and part of a hidden world on the brink of war.

PREMISE | We open on the most beautiful man alive, Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) hunting a shapeshifter in an alley. He is joined by his sister Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) and adoptive brother Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood ) who is also beautiful af. The three follow the shapeshifter to a club, Pan(demon)ium. On their way inside, Jace bumps into Clary Fray (Kat McNamara), and is surprised that she can see him, as he is magically cloaked. An instant attraction. You already know where this is going.


EIGHT HOURS EARLIER | Clary, a budding artist (because of course) has an interview with the Brooklyn Art Academy. The panel isn’t interested in her portfolio so much as the gothic runes she has in a scrapbook. She meets up with her friend Simon (Alberto Rosende) who is clearly hopelessly in love with his best friend. She got into her art school and it’s her birthday. Clary somehow manages to magically convert her biscotti into a drawing.

LUKE, DOT, JOCELYN | We meet Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) a police officer and a werewolf investigating bodies drained of all their blood. He’s also in a relationship with Clary’s mother Jocelyn (Maxim Roy). We also meet Dot (Vanessa Matsui), who works for Clary’s mother. Her mother gifts her a “stele”, which is essentially like a magic wand that activates runes but her mother doesn’t get to explain that to her. Clary is going to the club for her birthday. #priorities

TEN YEARS AGO | Young Clary is playing at a pond and a demon rises from the water to attack her. Joss activates an invisibility rune and slays the demon. She takes Clary to the warlock Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr) to wipe her memories of the incident. He is hesitant to perform the magic but eventually does. Her mom has been keeping her Shadowhunter heritage a secret from her. Back in the present, Luke and Joss try in vain to have The Talk with her but it doesn’t happen.

SHADOWHUNTIN’ | We see Isabelle, prior to Pandemonium, getting all thotted up in platinum blonde to go hunting for the demons draining the humans (a.k.a. mundanes) of their blood. Alec is cautious and Type A while Jace is more willing to take risks and go on the mission without approval. We pick up outside of Pandemonium where Jace crashes into Clary. Sparks fly. Simon can’t see Jace though and it looks like Clary is talking to herself. Clary follows him into the club as he is about to kill the demon, now glamoured as a young woman. (Sidenote: this cast is ridiculously attractive). The glamoured demon is doing a drop off of the mundane blood. We see Magnus at the back of the club sippin’ on bub. He goes to kick out some “Circle” members. They use thotted out Izzie to distract the guards and Clary walks in just as Jace confronts the glamoured demon. Jace slays the demon just in time and a fight erupts among the trio and the demon’s guards. Clary picks up Jace’s sword and the blade activates on her touch which surprises her. Clary decides to gtfo of this madness and crashes into Magnus on her way out and has flashes to when he removed her memories as a girl.

LOFT | Back at home, Joss reveals her own runes to Clary. Before she can explain anything, the Circle members from the club have found her. Turns out Dot is a warlock too and they send Clary through a portal with her magic necklace. Clary is transported to the police station with “the only person she can trust – Luke”. At the loft, the circle members battle Dot and Joss, ending with Joss taking a self inflicted sleeping potion to prevent them from finding out the location of “The Mortal Cup”. Some dude called Valentine is still alive and he wants it.

STATION | Circle members have found Luke also. He’s clearly bullshitting them saying they can kill Clary if they want, he wants the Mortal Cup for himself. Clary being Clary, runs away.

CLARY IS KINDA DUMB | Clary goes back to the loft to be melodramatic and scream and cry on the floor. The entire place is trashed and there is blood where we saw Dot fell. Dot (who is clearly not Dot) appears and asks Clary about the Mortal Cup. “Dot” is some ugly crazy looking demon who is slayed just in time by….Jace. Because of course. Clary passes out from demon venom. She awakens in The Institute to Isabelle after having a vision of her mom and Valentine.

INSTITUTE | Alec wants to report Clary to the Clave but Jace is in lurve and doesn’t want to turn Clary in. Even Isabelle can pick up on it. Alec is clearly jealous of Jace’s interest in Clary. Clary doesn’t know anything about the Shadow world. Jace explains to her that the legends are real and warlocks and vampires exist and shadow hunters protect the human world from the demon world. Clary doesn’t care though, she only wants to find Joss.


OH SIMON | The institute is cloaked under spells. When Simon tries to find Clary who was missing for two days, her Find-Her-Phone feature places her in the church. Simon thinks she developed a meth problem, ha. Under invisible runes, Simon thinks Clary is even more on drugs when Jace battles a man who wants to kill Clary. Jace is deadass obsessed with Clary and helping her despite learning about her two days ago. Simon and Jace and Clary. Love triangle activated.

VALENTINE | So this dude Valentine (Alan van Sprang), is a Shadowhunter gone rogue and does creepy experiments on people and creatures, using their blood to create the ultimate warrior. Joss betrayed the Circle, stole their Mortal Cup and hid from them for 18 years. The Circle members report to him that Joss has a daughter. And sets his eyes on her as the new lead for the Mortal Cup. You in danger girl!

Stray Observations: I binged watched this entire series over the hiatus on the recommendation of my good sis Christina. I absolutely love Alec. Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sherwood are distressingly beautiful, it’s insane. The series is based on a book series which I plan to read soon. The effects and production are pretty decent for a Freeform show.

Grade: A


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