The Big Bang Theory 11×01 – The Proposal Proposal

Change is a comin’ as TBBT enters its eleventh season

Life changes abound in the decade since The Big Bang Theory premiered. Sheldon and Amy are engaged and Bernadette and Howard are expecting another baby.

The baby reveal is the major development of the episode with Howard and Bernadette struggling with the one-two whammy of now having two kids.

Amy takes out Sheldon to meet her colleagues and naturally he’s an ass. While her co-workers fawn over her, Sheldon is dismissive and it becomes wildly apparent that he doesn’t know anything about her work or her dreams. To be honest, looking at the scene made feel like Amy doesn’t deserve this loser. Season 11 Amy doesn’t take his shit though which is great because it’s about time Amy stand up for herself . Sheldon is peak annoying in this episode, at full man-baby mode at it’s very irritating.

Raj still remains a loser. Often the most forgotten character and just there for gay subtext. He’s miserable seeing all of his friends moving forward in life, even Stuart has a date! There hasn’t been any real development for Raj aside from being able to talk to women in the decade that the show has been on.

This leaves Leonard and Penny, who are happy being childless and forgetting their anniversary in wedded bliss. Once the show’s primary couple, it seems as thought the writers have delegated them to the C storyline of the season with no real arc still in sight.


Stray Observations – This show has to address Sheldon’s inherent selfishness. It’s almost like watching Amy being bullied for half of every episode. She has a partner that doesn’t care about her work or her aspirations, no respect for her friends and can’t have any conversation not revolve around him. I like Amy a lot and she deserves some of Bernadette’s backbone. BBT is renewed for two more seasons so hopefully this gives them some time to craft an arc for Sheldon to have him finally mature at the series’ end.


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