Legends of Tomorrow – Legion of Doom

LoT was initially meant to be a roundup post because I don’t always have time to write about everything but… I have to talk about this week’s ep!

PREVIOUSLY | Season 1 was a mess. The main villain Vandal Savage sucked. Hawkman and Hawkgirl sucked. Rip Hunter sucked. They were cut from Season 2 and Commander Steel (a historian, with powers to have his entire body turn into steel) and Vixen (a member of the Justice Society of America, who came aboard the Waverider to avenger her lover’s death at the hands of Reverse Flash). Reverse Flash, Damien Darkh and Malcolm Merlyn are all characters that were honed on The Flash and Arrow so the audience is familiar with each of them.

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Arrow: Season 5A Roundup

Season 5A Arrow was excellent af. The hiatus of NeetzTalks is over! Lots of content hopefully added this week. To round up this season’s recaps, I’m writing about my top 2 of Season 5A.

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