“Charmed” Reboot: Good, Bad and Ugly



As a teenager growing up, no two shows were more special to me than Charmed and Gilmore Girls. Charmed premiered on the WB in October 1998 and I’ve been an OG fan for almost twenty years. I still watch the reruns on Netflix (which I hate because I can tell where they replaced the music they no longer have the licenses for), have the limited edition DVD sets even boxes of VHS tapes from a pre-Internet life where you couldn’t download or stream the next day… I genuinely love this show. It’s always been a big part of my life. We’ve been #blessed to finally have the Gilmore Girls revival this past November and now it seems another blast from the past is back. Here’s the thing though: the headlines are saying “Charmed reboot” but the fine print is saying “re-imagining” of the original series. I have complicated feelings about this reboot because it seems like a scam and publicity grab.

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Arrow: Season 5A Roundup

Season 5A Arrow was excellent af. The hiatus of NeetzTalks is over! Lots of content hopefully added this week. To round up this season’s recaps, I’m writing about my top 2 of Season 5A.

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